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Sanjay Nayak, Managing Director and Chie...
A guiding principle in the life of Sanjay Nayak, founder, chief executive officer (CEO) and managing director (MD) of Tejas Networks, has been to do one’s best and excel in whatever one does. And this stems from the advice his…
Vamshi Reddy: Chief Executive Officer, A...
Vamshi Reddy, co-founder and chief executive officer of Apalya Technologies, has spent the majority of his 25-year career in the IT industry. 
Sarbani Bhatia: Senior Vice-President, I...
Sarbani Bhatia, senior vice-president, IT with the Jagran Group, brings to the table rich experience of nearly three decades in managing IT systems and processes.
Manoj Tirodkar, Founder, Global Group
Having overcome tough challenges and successfully rebuilt his business, Manoj Tirodkar, founder of the Global Group, is now focusing on the road ahead...
Rajesh Mishra, Co-Founder, President and...
As co-founder, president and chief technology officer (CTO), Rajesh Mishra is spearheading technological operations at Parallel Wireless, a company focused on the development of cellular network architecture. 
Surajit Khan, Business Director, Maxeed,...
In a career spanning over two decades, Surajit Khan has been associated with various companies across a diverse set of sectors including telecom, education, clean energy and conventional power. 
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